Servers store and facilitate the sharing of the large amounts of data. Choosing the appropriate server solution maximizes efficiency and minimizes operational costs. We offer three types of servers, namely tower servers, rack servers and blade servers. Rack Server 2.jpG

Rack Servers provide space efficiency, as individual servers are stored in a rack mount, and also energy efficiency. Another advantage of rack servers is that key components such as the storage controller and NIC are already installed on the system board. Tower Server 1

Tower Servers are appropriate for expanding operations. Flexible expansion slots allow the addition of PCI cards and HDD to enhance performance. Tower servers can be designed to accommodate both rack and tower servers and are appropriate for remote sites, branch

sites and data centers. Blade Server 1

Blade Servers are stripped-down server computers designed to minimize the use of physical space and energy. They are recommended to clients who wish to consolidate servers in their data center and adopt virtualization.